Swagilly Fortunes provided a fun and engaging way to connect the audience at the Imagine Cup UK finals. The real winner for me was the opportunity to get the Swaggily guys on stage and encouraging students to participate in a fun, technology orientated game that was professionally run. It lifted the day and helped create a real buzz at the event!

Mark Johnson, Marketing Manager, Microsoft Ltd.

Matching energy with a countless list of engaging and fun ideas, these people are able to drive interation and conversation on the show floor. Though game shows, interviews and discussions, they connected the attendees with each other as well as partnership sponsors, established communities and content. With a professional approach to managing a community space you can expect a large and engaged crowd and increased satisfaction across these value added activities

Neil Palmer, Event Organiser, Fitch Live

We had need of a big powerful projector vary last minute. Satsuma delivered one within an hour of calling them, including all the cables and connectors, and made sure it was suitable. Saved my bacon!.

Kathy McEvoy, Nigel Botterills Entrepenuers Circle