Event Organisation

So you want to run an event, and you need to get yourself a venue, that not too far away and not too expensive, and can cope with the number of people you are inviting without feeling too cramped or empty. And the music, and the entertainment, and the catering and the drinks, and the transport, and the accomodation and…….. and…… and…. 

Yes, I know its all a bit much, so why not let us do it? We can do everything so that you can get on with your normal day to day stuff. Think of us like Bobs utility belt – we have all the tools we’re gonna need to put on the best event possible, all right at hand. Which means that you aren’t going to need the crash hat!

Give us a call on 0121 371 0407 to talk through your ideas, (or use our contact form) and see just how much we can help.