Game Shows

Our Game shows have set the standard to generating interest and audience involvement in conference rooms. Getting your audience actively involved and having a good time is very conducive to them spending money with you. We have a load of different games for all sorts of fun. Different game shows work better at different events, so give us a call and we can sort out whats right for yours.


This has got to be the maddest game yet!. Each contestant wears a hat which reacts to being hit. If you know the answer, Clobber yourself and get the points. Or Clobber someone else if you think they’ll get it wrong!

Swaggily Fortunes

This is the game show we get asked to run the most. It takes the familiy friendly game show and adapts it to whatever is needed to be promoted. From pure entertainment, to promoting companies in the exhibition hall.


Remeber playing this with pen and paper? Then the board game and MB released an ‘Electronic’ version. Now brought to life in the comfort of your own event!
With video and explosions and flashing lights and klaxons and radar pings.

Plus loads more Quizzes and Games galore!

Call us on 0121 371 0407 and we’ll come up with a programme that’ll work for you. If theres a particular gameshow or something that you’d like, we can probably make it work. At least, we’ve not been beaten yet!