Juicy Bits

Proud to be supporting the Royal British Legion

With this being the 90th year of the Royal British Legion, we're proud to be part of the celebrations! Its all happening on the 11th June this year, in Coventry, right next to the airport.  The village of Baginton, has also joined in. Instead of having a street party for the royal wedding, the good people of the village are joining forces to come up with a really spectacular event. Its called Party In The Park. and its going to be great! Theres a free event during the day, with Pig Roasts and Classic cars;  football competitions and shooting ranges; dancing an dog agility displays; ...

Office Christmas closure

This is the last day for the guys and gals in our office until Jan 10th 2011. Don't worry if you need to talk to us though, my 'phone will be on over the festive break and i'm happy to talk through any questions you have - I'll try not to be too drunk when I answer!

Heres to 2011!

I've been talking to some existing clients over the weekend, and they have some new events coming in the new year. I cant tell you want they are yet, until they announce publicly, but they are going to be spectacular!

New game pod designs arrived

I arrived home this evening and found that the new designes for some of our game pods had arrived - they look reaaly good.Cant wait to see them in the flesh.

Motor Racing Live

[caption id="attachment_134" align="alignright" width="227" caption="Wheelie Good"][/caption] An event we ran some some of our customers, over at Motor Racing Live in Northampton. A great day had by all, some fantastic instructors and people. Watch a clip of the sort of things we got to do here You can contact Motor Racing Live at Northampton International Raceway, telephone (01543) 428903 (thats different to the number in the video)  or email  info@motorracinglive.co.uk

Some Theatre Superstitions

When planning your events, theres a whole load of things that can help make it go as smoothly as possible. We'll get to those in a 'mo, but I thought i'd start this "Tips" section off with a few old fashioned superstitions. You should never whistle in a dressing room - this indicates a short run - if you do whistle by accident, you can "get cured" by going outside, knocking three times and waiting to be invited back in again. Never knit in the wings of the stage. Never use real flowers on stage, particularly when there are dancers. This is does have some practicality - petals might fall a...