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Some Theatre Superstitions

When planning your events, theres a whole load of things that can help make it go as smoothly as possible. We’ll get to those in a ‘mo, but I thought i’d start this “Tips” section off with a few old fashioned superstitions.

You should never whistle in a dressing room – this indicates a short run – if you do whistle by accident, you can “get cured” by going outside, knocking three times and waiting to be invited back in again.

Never knit in the wings of the stage.

Never use real flowers on stage, particularly when there are dancers. This is does have some practicality – petals might fall and someone might slip on them.

Never leave a bar of soap behind in the dressing room – as it means you’ll never return to that venue.

Never wish someone going on stage “Good Luck”, better to use the more stage friendly “break a leg”.

Its unlucky to have a smooth dress rehersal, much better to make the mistakes during the rehersal “out of your system” so the main event will go well.

While its good luck to trip over backstage, for the same reason – getting it out your system – if you trip over your outfit (as opposed to anything else) you need to kiss it for good luck.