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Mr. Juicy is Alive!

An overripe fruit was accidently splashed with some sauce from a tin of alphabety spaghetti. This combined with the fruit and elemental forces caused the fruit to evolve. The nature of this fruit is irresponsible….. Jucieeeeeeeeee!

Christmas Parties in Narnia

I know its the middle of summer, but if you’re responsible for booking the office christmas parties, you probably should be looking around now. Theres a whole range of places doing the usual dinner and a disco. Theres a few places doing dinner and a band. But maybe you want something a little different?

How about Dinner in Narnia? Thats whats possible at the Heart Of England conference and events centre. Enter the rooms via a huge wardrobe door, walk through all the furcoats inside and arrive in time for drinks at the lamppost, far away from the land of Spare-oom. Have dinner then stay to enjoy the rest of the night, with Aslan making a special appearance.

For more info, see here on the HeartOfEnglands diary page.


Snowball Fiiiight!

So, we are on to week 5 of the Six Summer Saturdays events taking place this year, with Birmingham Hippodrome right in the centre of the action. My favourite event so far was a couple of weeks ago when Titan the Robot turned up..

That might just get beaten though! This Saturday, the 6th August, theres going to be a snow storm. Not one of those “I cant leave my house” ones, but one of those “its now over with and doesnt the world look pretty storms”

Now, for me, the chance to have a snowball fight, in the middle of Birmingham, in the middle of August when its just toooooo hot, is an opportunity not to be missed.

See you there, take cover!

PS. While this snow storm will have left a good couple of inches of snow on the ground in Chamberlin Square, uncannily the road and rail network is surprisingly unaffected – so it’ll still be nice and easy to get there.

PPS. Theres more pictures from last weeks Six Summer Saturdays events over on flickr




Titan the Robot at Birmingham Hippodrome

When you think of Cornwall, what do you think of Pasties? Clotted Cream? 6 foot tall micky taking robots?

Yep, me neither – until you meet Titan. The creation of Cyberstein Robots Ltd in Cornwall, Titans story, alledgedly, starts as an idea under the last Convervative Government as a way of studying human emotions as a robot couldnt be affected by them – the emotions that is. Govenerment funding stopped in 1997 with the change of Govenment – and Titan moved to the private sector.

Anyways, Titan turned up outside the Birmigham Hippodrome, before the performance of “We Will Rock You”, and wowed the crowds there. Theres some video of Titan outside the hippodrome over on You Tube…. Its a bit shaky as I was jostled by the crowds, but you’ll get to see the fun. (Its also a bit shaky as its quite hard to stand your ground when a 6 foot robot comes running over to you and doesnt stop until hes two feet away)


Party in the Park

Its just a couple of weeks now until Party in the Park in Coventry. Its been an exciting event for us to work on, and all the guys and girls on the ground have been wonderful. Its going to be an event to remember!

If your’e in the Coventry area on June 11th (and even if your’e not, its well worth the trip) come along and enjoy the activities during the day and then stay and eat yur picnic under the stars while being entertained by the Amadeus orchestras quintent and a whole host of other very talented musicians, while watching a firework display! It doesnt get more decadent than that!

Proud to be supporting the Royal British Legion

With this being the 90th year of the Royal British Legion, we’re proud to be part of the celebrations!

Its all happening on the 11th June this year, in Coventry, right next to the airport. 

The village of Baginton, has also joined in. Instead of having a street party for the royal wedding, the good people of the village are joining forces to come up with a really spectacular event.

Its called Party In The Park. and its going to be great! Theres a free event during the day, with Pig Roasts and Classic cars;  football competitions and shooting ranges; dancing an dog agility displays; fairground rides and so much more.

In the evening, we have a musical entertaiment spectacular to rival the Proms. We have our good friends Amadeus providing a string qunitet, the Acapella Fellas singers as well as a load more talented local groups. oh and theres going to be a spectacular firework display. Bring your own picnic and sip champagne and eat strawberries while listening to some ace music and watching fireworks – doesnt get more decadent than that!

Office Christmas closure

This is the last day for the guys and gals in our office until Jan 10th 2011. Don’t worry if you need to talk to us though, my ‘phone will be on over the festive break and i’m happy to talk through any questions you have – I’ll try not to be too drunk when I answer!

Heres to 2011!

I’ve been talking to some existing clients over the weekend, and they have some new events coming in the new year. I cant tell you want they are yet, until they announce publicly, but they are going to be spectacular!

New game pod designs arrived

I arrived home this evening and found that the new designes for some of our game pods had arrived – they look reaaly good.Cant wait to see them in the flesh.

Motor Racing Live

An event we ran some some of our customers, over at Motor Racing Live in Northampton. A great day had by all, some fantastic instructors and people. Watch a clip of the sort of things we got to do here

You can contact Motor Racing Live at Northampton International Raceway, telephone (01543) 428903 (thats different to the number in the video)  or email