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Snowball Fiiiight!

Looks Cool (yes I know thats a dreadful pun)

So, we are on to week 5 of the Six Summer Saturdays events taking place this year, with Birmingham Hippodrome right in the centre of the action. My favourite event so far was a couple of weeks ago when Titan the Robot turned up..

That might just get beaten though! This Saturday, the 6th August, theres going to be a snow storm. Not one of those “I cant leave my house” ones, but one of those “its now over with and doesnt the world look pretty storms”

Now, for me, the chance to have a snowball fight, in the middle of Birmingham, in the middle of August when its just toooooo hot, is an opportunity not to be missed.

See you there, take cover!

PS. While this snow storm will have left a good couple of inches of snow on the ground in Chamberlin Square, uncannily the road and rail network is surprisingly unaffected – so it’ll still be nice and easy to get there.

PPS. Theres more pictures from last weeks Six Summer Saturdays events over on flickr




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