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Titan the Robot at Birmingham Hippodrome

When you think of Cornwall, what do you think of Pasties? Clotted Cream? 6 foot tall micky taking robots?

Yep, me neither Рuntil you meet Titan. The creation of Cyberstein Robots Ltd in Cornwall, Titans story, alledgedly, starts as an idea under the last Convervative Government as a way of studying human emotions as a robot couldnt be affected by them Рthe emotions that is. Govenerment funding stopped in 1997 with the change of Govenment Рand Titan moved to the private sector.

Anyways, Titan turned up outside the Birmigham Hippodrome, before the performance of “We Will Rock You”, and wowed the crowds there. Theres some video of Titan outside the hippodrome over on You Tube…. Its a bit shaky as I was jostled by the crowds, but you’ll get to see the fun. (Its also a bit shaky as its quite hard to stand your ground when a 6 foot robot comes running over to you and doesnt stop until hes two feet away)


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