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Santas Flight Plan for 2011 Posted at Air Traffic Control

santa in flight

Its that time of year again. The international organisation, ICAO, responisiblw for air travel, has just reported that Santa has filed his flightplan for the coming 24 hours. Flightplans like these are made public to help other pilots plan their routes and to allow for air Traffic control around the world understand that a flight is expected. In what is probably the single most complicated flight organised each year, taking over 24 hours to complete with multiple destinations this heads up is welcome. Its so complicated that NORAD, the air defense authority chips in to help track Santas pro...

Pantomime Posters – Just as funny as the Panto.


We are about to enter Pantomime season. I have my tickets for Cinderella at the Birmingham Hippodrome for some time now, its a tradition of going to the panto at Christmas I can remember all the way back to when I was a child. During a recent visit to the Hippodrome for a meeting, I had the time to wander down some of the corners corridors that people dont often go. Namely the passageway past the toilets on the 2nd Floor. Shoulds dodgy I know, but theres a load of old Posters introducing Pantomime past, including some with Norman Wisom I remember seeing. Anyways, I decided to try and see...

Dennis arrives at Entrepeneurs Circle meeting

Pink Fire Engine_strip

I went to a fantastic event yesterday. It was the November of Nigel Botterills Entrepenuers Circle, held at the National Motorcycle museum, near to Birmingham airport. A day jam-packed with lots of new ideas to help you get planning your business for 2012. You can find out more by visiting the business growth advisors website However, all work and no play makes for boring, so for each of these events I've decided to lay on some transport for those who want it. With the venue being so close to my patch, most people chose to drive themselves, however a few of decided to hitch a ride on a fire...

Mr. Juicy to take part in Movember


After much pressing (and clearing up the orange from the floor as a result) Mr Juicy has decided to take part in this years Movember! For those of you that don't know, Movember is a month long event where pride and crasftmanship is practised growing upper lip hair to raise awareness of mens health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. You can read more about Movember here, but If you'd like to see Mr. Juicy with a highly crafted Mo, then do make a donation at http://mobro.co/satsuma

Mr. Juicy is Alive!

Mr Juicy-clipped

An overripe fruit was accidently splashed with some sauce from a tin of alphabety spaghetti. This combined with the fruit and elemental forces caused the fruit to evolve. The nature of this fruit is irresponsible..... Jucieeeeeeeeee!

Christmas Parties in Narnia

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

I know its the middle of summer, but if you're responsible for booking the office christmas parties, you probably should be looking around now. Theres a whole range of places doing the usual dinner and a disco. Theres a few places doing dinner and a band. But maybe you want something a little different? How about Dinner in Narnia? Thats whats possible at the Heart Of England conference and events centre. Enter the rooms via a huge wardrobe door, walk through all the furcoats inside and arrive in time for drinks at the lamppost, far away from the land of Spare-oom. Have dinner then stay to e...

Snowball Fiiiight!

Looks Cool  (yes I know thats a dreadful pun)

[caption id="attachment_264" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Looks Cool (yes I know thats a dreadful pun)"][/caption] So, we are on to week 5 of the Six Summer Saturdays events taking place this year, with Birmingham Hippodrome right in the centre of the action. My favourite event so far was a couple of weeks ago when Titan the Robot turned up.. That might just get beaten though! This Saturday, the 6th August, theres going to be a snow storm. Not one of those "I cant leave my house" ones, but one of those "its now over with and doesnt the world look pretty storms" Now, for me,...

Titan the Robot at Birmingham Hippodrome

Titan the Robot

When you think of Cornwall, what do you think of Pasties? Clotted Cream? 6 foot tall micky taking robots? Yep, me neither - until you meet Titan. The creation of Cyberstein Robots Ltd in Cornwall, Titans story, alledgedly, starts as an idea under the last Convervative Government as a way of studying human emotions as a robot couldnt be affected by them - the emotions that is. Govenerment funding stopped in 1997 with the change of Govenment - and Titan moved to the private sector. Anyways, Titan turned up outside the Birmigham Hippodrome, before the performance of "We Will Rock You", an...

Party in the Park

party in the park

Its just a couple of weeks now until Party in the Park in Coventry. Its been an exciting event for us to work on, and all the guys and girls on the ground have been wonderful. Its going to be an event to remember! If your'e in the Coventry area on June 11th (and even if your'e not, its well worth the trip) come along and enjoy the activities during the day and then stay and eat yur picnic under the stars while being entertained by the Amadeus orchestras quintent and a whole host of other very talented musicians, while watching a firework display! It doesnt get more decadent than that!