Alwright? alwright at the back?

Getting feedback from your audience is’nt very easy.Ok, so anyone can follow Michael Barrymores example and shout ‘Alwright? alwright at the back?’, but if 250 people shout back that they are ok, and 10 people say they’re not, how ae you ever going to know?

Fingers on buttons…… Buzzz… the answer is:

Audience Response Systems

Also sometimes called voting systems, an audience response system can capture not only the mood, but the answers to specific questions from your audience. We use them in some of our gameshows. It lets the whole audience join in the fun.

We can offer the use of our Audience Response System for your own events. We have special software into which we can feed your questions, then we can call them up, display them on screen, and ask the audience to ‘press your buttons now’. The results are fed into our magic box where a team of highly trained pixies sort and count the votes and send the answer back out to the screens.

We can design your questions to be part of your presentation, integrating stright into your Microsoft PowerPoint slides. If you like, we can run the questions seperately, or any other way you can dream up!

Give us a call on 0121 371 0407 as we’d love to talk though your thoughts, or have a look through some of the more commonly asked questions, below.



Commonly Asked Questions