Satsuma Entertainment has been running corporate and exibition events since 2006.

Our largest events have taken place in such venues as the NEC, near Birmingham, or in Bournemouth Pier Theatre.

The company was born out of frustration. I was organising smaller scale events for various user groups, from Bavarian Nights at a local flying school to simpler meeting based ones. During all of these, I kept running into a brick wall. Existing hire companies wanted me to collect a car full of equipment and set it up myself, with very little knowledge of what the kit was capable of. Any time I tried to get advice, such as how powerful a projector I needed for a specific task, I’d get an answer like ’240v’. Totally crazy.

Anyhoo thats not how Satsuma works. You tell us what you want to achieve. You tell us what the end vision is, and we’ll sort the rest. You can concentrate on your content, and your clients. We’ll worry about all that technical nonsense.

‘course, if you’re an expert on this stuff and just want to borrow our kit, then thats ok too.

Since then I’ve organised events in all sorts of odd places, finding a way to achieve just about anything. The oddest one was held in the cargo hold of an aeroplane, including building a suitable floor and getting power in there!

You want us to create the content? No problem, just give us a little time with the people that know in your organisation, and through chatting with them, we’ll build your content for you. Or just chill out and let us run the entire shazamm for you.



A juicy thought from our CEO - John Price

Our Game shows have set the standard to generating interest and audience involvement in conference rooms. Getting your audience actively involved and having a good time is very conducive to them spending money with you. We have a load of different games for all sorts of fun. Different game shows work better at different events, so give us a call and we can sort out whats right for yours. See my personal guarantee.

Brian Conley and Lynda Bellingham take time out of rehersals to say hello